Our Projects

Our Projects

All of the projects completed by Hamer Electric, Inc. are too extensive to list. The following list represents only a small portion of the projects completed.

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Hillcrest/Hillside Booster Pump Station

Log Cabin Res.

Astoria Airport Runway Revamp

Woodland WTP Upgrades

CDID #1 Switchgear & MCC Upgrades

Long Beach Regional Biosolids Facility

Coffenbury Lake Lift Station Replacement

Airport Way Pump Station

Naselle Youth Camp Generator Replacement

Portland Air National Guard Main Gate Construction



Cascade Tissue Reconstruction

·       #2 Paper Machine

·       #2 New Roll Handling Machine

·       #3 New Roll Handling Machine

UPS Distribution Center Conveyors

Autozone Distribution Center Conveyors

PFP New Chipper Installation

Cascades Tissue Cold Outage High Voltage Work

Waste Control

J.L. Storedahl & Sons Design & Install Complete Rock

Tillamook Smoker Factory (Addition of new crushing panels for Smoking Facility)


National Park Services – Ft. Vancouver B728 & 987 Historic Landmark Remodel

PH – Medical Services; Acute Rehab 3W

TMI – Cooling Tower; Supply Fan HVAC VFD – Installs

HMS – HVAC Controls

VA – Vancouver VA; Fire Alarm

Johnston Ridge Observatory – Breaker Repair/Replacement, Amphitheatre Electrical Install


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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