Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Hamer Electric, Inc., is proud to offer design/build assistance for those owners who need help in maximizing their investment dollars. With many years of experience, Hamer Electric, Inc., has completed many commercial projects including restaurants, department stores, manufacturing buildings, pole buildings, metal buildings, commercial garages, parking lot lighting, energy lighting retrofits, legal offices, accounting offices, telemarketing offices, schools, municipal buildings, medical and dental offices, grocery stores, gas stations, telephone and data systems, automotive repair and sales, general commercial offices and retail outlets.

Hamer Electric, Inc., has installed in it's own facilities, various lighting systems to display for the prospective customer, the different types of lighting available. With energy costs increasing and with state mandated energy saving lighting requirements, it is important to choose the proper lighting system to meet your needs. This may be new energy efficient lighting or retrofitting your existing lighting fixtures. We can even help in assisting the customer by putting them in touch with agencies that can help defray the cost of lighting upgrades.

In addition, we can assist in either new or existing wiring of your telephone systems, computer systems, low voltage systems, fire alarm systems and security systems. Proper design will help insure that your data systems do not become obsolete in the near future.

Whatever your commercial needs, Hamer Electric, Inc., can help to insure you have a project that is on time and within budget

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We are committed to fostering long term relationships with our customers.